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Shandong Jianbiao technology test and detection Co., Ltd. is a CMA certified testing and detection institution established under the approval of the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Shandong.

Shandong Jianbiao technology test and detection Co., Ltd. was established in August 2016 to follow the national policies and cater to the current situations. The company is mainly engaged in the detection of building waterproof materials and environmentally friendly materials, and the detection of anti-seepage systems of anti-seepage projects.

With the development of building waterproof materials and related projects, in order to better supervise waterproof building materials and their engineering quality, China's environmental testing market is undergoing the transition from the original single government testing agencies, to foreign third-party testing institutions entering the mainland, and then to the rapid emerging of local third-party testing agencies. In recent years, the government is gradually opening up the testing market, and private testing organizations have ushered in an important opportunity for development, especially in the field of environmental protection, the government has introduced a series of measures to strengthen the development of environmental protection and gradually opened up the market.

Our company has a laboratory area of 650 square meters and a comprehensive office area of 830 square meters. It has more than 20 sets of advanced testing equipment and advanced testing and inspection technologies at home and abroad; the testing equipment includes electronic universal tensile testing machines, electronic impervious meters, low temperature freezing test chambers, constant temperature and humidity chambers, hot air aging chambers, rough film thickness gauges, and smooth film thickness gauges, and roughness tester. It has 13 employees, including 4 people holding at least engineer technical titles, 8 holding bachelor’s degrees, and 5 holding collage degrees.

Under the quality policy of “scientific, fair, accurate and trustworthy”, the company continuously develops new standards, testing methods, testing equipment and service projects, and pays close attention to the new trends of technology development and requirements in the industry, to provide timely technical standard information and sophisticated analysis and testing solutions through expertise, professional teams, advanced equipment, strict management and standardized standards. We win the trust of customers through service, create brilliance through quality, and provide high-quality test and detection services for our customers!



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