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Shandong Jianbiao Technology Testing & Detection Co.,Ltd.is a diversified and comprehensive third-party testing organization headquartered in Jinan. Mainly engaged in various types of geosynthetics products, anti-seepage engineering, road engineering, bridge tunnel engineering, railway engineering and environmental testing services. The core service items are as follows:

1. Geosynthetics products: geomembrane, geotextile, composite geomembrane, landfill polyethylene geomembrane, railway tunnel drainage board, railway tunnel waterproof material, sodium bentonite waterproof blanket, highway engineering geosynthetics, rubber products , plastic geonet, geonet filter, composite drainage network for landfills, etc.

2. anti-seepage project: landfill anti-seepage leakage damage detection, tailings reservoir dam body leakage damage detection, landscape lake leakage damage detection, aquaculture pond leakage damage detection, sewage storage pool leakage damage detection, etc. .

3. road engineering: roadbed soil compactness on-site inspection, pile foundation on-site inspection, pavement flatness detection, pavement structure depth inspection, pavement pit slip performance testing.

4. Bridge tunnel engineering: dynamic load test of bridge structure, monitoring of bridge construction stage, real-time monitoring of bridge operation, steel mechanical test, concrete routine performance test, anti-seepage capability monitoring, etc.

5. Railway engineering: routine testing of cement, routine testing of fly ash, routine testing of fine aggregates, and routine testing of coarse aggregates.

6. Environment: Ambient air detection, industrial exhaust gas detection, groundwater testing, surface water testing, industrial wastewater testing, soil solid waste testing, environmental impact assessment and testing.





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