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Since November 2014, the country has listed the environmental protection industry as the top of the seven emerging strategic industries. The environmental protection industry has made great progress, various environmental protection policies have been introduced frequently, environmental protection legislation has gradually been standardized and improved, and 2017 has become the year of environmental protection policy. . The “13th Five-Year Plan”, environmental protection tax, garbage classification, blue sky defense war, ecological protection red line, PPP mode and other policies have been continuously promoted. Under the environment of accelerating environmental improvement in the country, our company complies with national policies and conducts in-depth research on various types. The detection of waterproof and environmentally friendly materials, as well as the detection of geomembrane leakage and skin lesions, are widely used in environmental protection, landfill, water conservancy, chemical, metallurgy, water supply and drainage, landscape (artificial lake), aquaculture, municipal construction and other industries. Infiltration and anti-corrosion engineering.

Since its establishment, the company has attached great importance to exchanges and learning with industry insiders at home and abroad, deeply understands the cutting-edge technology of digestive testing, and introduces advanced foreign testing equipment and testing methods to continuously improve testing capabilities and achieve significant results in various tests.



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