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In 2018, the road water transport engineering test and inspection personnel test training ended successfully

In 2018, the road water transport engineering test and inspection personnel test training ended successfully

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On September 5, 2018, the examination training for road and water transport testers and inspectors organized by the company was successfully carried out in the company conference room. This is the first professional training carried out by the company since its establishment to improve the level of business capability and establish a professional testing team. The inspection team's detection capability has been involved in many aspects of highway waterway inspection, laying a good foundation for the company's detection capability business development.


In order to better improve the overall quality management level of the enterprise, meet the strategic needs of the enterprise, enhance the ability of the inspection personnel, and create an atmosphere for all employees to learn, the company conducts this examination training. It is hoped that through the training, the company's inspection team will understand the knowledge of highway water transportation detection and conduct targeted knowledge and skills transfer. The professional training of road and water transportation is to select the methods for employees to apply for their own or internal recommendation, and then conduct unified training! The main contents of the training include public basic knowledge, road engineering inspection, roadbed road surface inspection, asphalt and asphalt mixture testing.


As a kind of company training program, professional knowledge training is the most valuable investment of the company, and it is also a win-win investment. That is to say, the training not only improves the professional testing capability and business development of the enterprise, but also enhances the overall quality and ability of the testing personnel, so that the testing personnel of the enterprise can benefit. Therefore, this time the company provides an excellent development platform for employees.

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