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• Preface

According to the “Guidelines for the Accreditation of Laboratory Qualifications” and the relevant provisions of the “Quality Manual” and “Procedures” of the company, this responsibility report shall be prepared within the scope of qualification recognition. Under the guidance of the higher-level departments, the company has established a scientific development concept with the joint efforts of all employees of the testing center. It actively promotes the service concept of “people-oriented, service-oriented”, follows the main policy of “quality service”, abides by laws while being honest and trustworthy, strengthens system construction, standardizes testing activities, continuously enhances the transparency of testing work, firmly establishes the staff's sense of responsibility and integrity, and truly provide scientific, fair, correct, and timely services, to protect the quality of construction projects.

• About Us

Shandong Jianbiao Technology Testing and Detection Co., Ltd. was established in August 2016 to follow the national policies and cater to the current situations. The company is mainly engaged in the detection of building waterproof materials and environmentally friendly materials, and the detection of anti-seepage systems of anti-seepage projects.

Our company has a laboratory area of 650 square meters and a comprehensive office area of 830 square meters. It has more than 20 sets of advanced testing equipment and advanced testing and inspection technologies at home and abroad; the testing equipment includes electronic universal tensile testing machines, electronic impervious meters, low temperature freezing test chambers, constant temperature and humidity chambers, hot air aging chambers, rough film thickness gauges, and smooth film thickness gauges, and roughness tester. It has 13 employees, including 4 people holding at least engineer technical titles, 8 holding bachelor’s degrees, and 5 holding collage degrees.

• Implementation and establishment of the social responsibility management system

While strengthening the system management and focusing efforts on management, the company constantly rectifies the team style and deepens the internal system management, so that the employees can form a good spiritual outlook. The company has timely revised and improved various management systems, and often holds training meetings for employees, so that they can have a good sense of professional ethics and social responsibility, a high sense of collective consciousness and the awareness of the overall situation, be honest, fair, civilized, efficient, and establish a good image for the company.

• Performance of social responsibility and performance evaluation

The company's testing procedures, from project commission, original records, testing experiments, to the final report, strictly implement the national laboratory accreditation management procedures, so that the testing work is rigorous, scientific and reasonable, to ensure that the test data is true and effective, and ensure the quality of projects. In the aspect of spiritual civilization construction, the responsibility system for party style and clean management construction has been strictly implemented, and no violations of law and disciplines have been found.

• Conclusion

The 21st century is an era of comprehensive social and economic development. In the future, we will continue to emancipate our minds, seize opportunities, actively carry out various testing services, and strive to be bigger and stronger, to serve the society in a better and comprehensive way.

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July 25, 2018

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