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Shandong Jianbiao Technology Testing & Detection Co, Ltd. is an independent legalentity that conducts testing services externally.In order to ensure the objectivity andindependence of the inspection work, and to ensure the quality of the inspection and thefairness of the data, the special statement is as follows:

1. Adhere to a neutral attitude towards customers and provide fair, accurate, scientificand satisfactory services.

2.Comply with the laws and regulations of the state and the regulations of the

accreditation body, be responsible for the inspection and test data and results issued, andbear the corresponding legal responsibilities.

3. Detect in strict accordance with international standards, national standards, industrystandards or other valid standards specified by customers to ensure the accuracy andvalidity of the test data;

4. The testing activities and results are not affected by administrative intervention, and allpersonnel consciously resist the temptation of economic interests or other interferencethat hinders impartiality.

5.Keep the technical information and test results provided by customers confidential,and protect the intellectual property and economic interests of customers.

6.The company's leaders do not interfere with the test results and do not exert pressureto ensure that the testing business is not subject to any pressure or influence from internal and external illicit commercial, financial and other aspects to prevent commercialbribery.

Shandong Jianbiao Technology Testing & Detection Co., Ltd.


Address:Wenhua East Road, Lixia District, Jinan City


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